Floor Fountains

Floor water fountains offer an easy way to add an indoor water feature to any room.  Many are easy to set up and do not require any water sources or mounting brackets like wall fountains do.  Floor Fountains are a great way to bring nature indoors with a soothing water noise and beautiful natural surface.


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Q: I want to place my floor water feature in the middle of the room, is there a paticular style I should look for?

A: We would recommend getting a clear glass option. Most of these are center mounted, which means the surface is attached in the center of the basin and is viewable and finished on both sides. Slate or mirror options are usually rear mounted and not finished on both sides. They are designed to go against a wall. If you do want a slate or mirror option, but viable from both sides we can customize a fountian for you.

Q: Where should I place the outlet to plug in floor fountain?

A: Typically, these models of fountains will have the blog come out either the right or left side of the fountain. If you have special electrical needs please contact customer service.

Q: What type of outlet do I need for my water feature?

A: A standard outlet is all you'll need.

Q: Where can I purchase additional lights if my bulbs go out?

A: Replacement bulbs can be bought anywhere lightbulbs are sold such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes or any hardware store.

Q: How often will I need to refill the water feature?

A: This varies with each fountain. There are several variables that determine how much evaporation your fountain will experience. We typically tell clients that on average you could be adding water 2-3 times a week. After owning your water feature for a couple weeks you will have a good idea how often you will need to add water. Never let your pump run dry as this will damage and void the warranty.

Q: I want to add a logo to my floor water fountain, what is the process?

A: We can etch the logo on most surfaces. Clear glass surfaces have the option of placing a reverse logo on the side water doesn't flow down. This option is nice because you can have very colorful logos adding your fountain at a reasonable price. Plus this option is not permament, so it allows you to change the logo out if you need to.

Bring serenity to your home or office with the soothing sounds of a floor fountain.

When a potential client walks through the door, their first impression of your office is formed. Imagine if they were to see a standing fountain, coming from floor to nearly ceiling, branded with your company logo. The structure is bold, emblazoned with copper, yet softened by the flow of trickling water. This is the company they want to work with.

You have chosen from one of the nation's leading brands, Bluworld Water Fountains. Among their ample styles available, you have selected the Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain, showcasing a paradoxical dance between flame and water. It is the centerpiece of your space, and captivates both guests and potential clients.

Perfectly fitting for indoors or outdoors, our slate floor fountains also come in a wide variety of styles. Enjoy the multicolored look of the Tacora Horizontal Floor Fountain, displaying an array of cobalt, umber, and silvery hues, lined by genuine copper. This stunning piece adds a sense of tranquility and awe to any environment.

Add serenity to an office, spa, or even your very own backyard retreat with our Gardenfall Etched Bamboo Floor Fountain. A symbol of summer, luck, and humility, bamboo has a longstanding role in Asian cultures, and can do wonders for the Feng Shui of your space. An invitation to inner peace, this fountain can make the difference in the ambiance of any room.

Ideal for the modernly styled environment, bubble floor fountains add captivating intrigue to their surroundings. Creative office spaces around the world, including those of Google itself, have taken advantage of mesmerizing effects of moving bubbles and changeable colors to both soothe and attract employees and visitors.

Particularly for large rooms, it can be difficult to find privacy while still maintaining a sense of openness. Glass floor fountains are the perfect solution. Their transparency maintains a room's spacious feel, while still partitioning individual sections to allow for more intimate conversations or meetings. Additionally, the gentle sound of trickling water provides an extra layer of privacy, subtly filtering out disparate conversations. Not only do they achieve an elegant balance between privacy and openness, but they make the room feel more balanced as a whole.

Top Selling Floor Fountains

7.5' Gardenfall Silver Mirror and Brushed Stainless Steel Floor Fountain with LED lights
Turn your living space into a spa-like relaxation zone by utilizing the Gardenfall Silver Mirror. This unit features a brushed a stainless steel floor fountain with adjustable LED lights. This modern and sleek design is designed to give your living space the ultimate centerpiece. This unit stands 7.5' and gives you the option to add a logo or picture to the back plate, making it ideal for use in your office or home.

Tranquil River Floor Fountain- Rear Mounted
The Tranquil River Floor Fountain is designed to turn your lobby into the ultimate waiting space. This unit comes in a variety of different finishes including mirrored, marble, and slate. This fountain is handmade in the United States and features a quality Pebble beach splash guard filled with reflective river rocks. If you are ready to take your business décor to the next level, you can't go wrong with this quality unit.

Grandeur River Floor Fountain
The Grandeur River Floor Fountain is available in four high-quality frame finishes including stainless steel, antique bronze, blackened copper, and rustic copper. This unit features a clear glass panel that adds to the elegance of this units décor. This unit stands 96" high and 60" wide. This is a quality water feature that includes a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

7.5' Gardenfall Etched Bamboo Floor Water Fountain with LED lights
The Gardenfall Etched Bamboo Floor Fountain with LED lights can transform your living space into a relaxing getaway. This unit features an etched bamboo design that is sure to impress any visitors who happen to set eyes on this commanding water fountain. This fountain is constructed from heavy gauged aluminum construction and can be set up indoors or outdoor, depending on your personal preferences. This unit also offers the option to customize the clear glass panel with a logo or picture.

7.5' Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain
Capture the perfect mood with the Stainless Gardenfall Fire Fountain. This unit combines the best of booth worlds. A tranquil stream of water empties into the base of this unit. This base is equipped with a Nu-Flame heavy stainless steel linear burner that utilizes odor free bio-ethanol fuel to produce fire without the need ventilation. This unit is designed out of durable materials that can withstand decades of use.

7.5' Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain with LED Lights
The Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain raises the level of elegance in your home or office. This unit features fully adjustable LED lighting system that gives you the flexibility to set the mood perfectly. A high-quality aluminum frame adds to the overall durability this unit possesses and the dark copper powder coat finish is sure to give your home a luxurious touch.

Tranquil River Floor Fountain- Center Mounted
Raise the level of elegance in your workplace by utilizing this high-quality water feature. This unit is available in three distinct finishes and a variety of trim options to fit your needs. Turn your lobby or waiting area into a place of tranquility and relaxation. This water feature portrays an aura of success to everyone who enters your facility. This unit stands 90" tall making it a commanding centerpiece.

Harmony River Floor Fountain- Rear-mounted
The Harmony River Floor Fountain features an intuitive water distribution system that provides the ultimate in relaxation. This is a high-quality water feature that includes a 1-year warranty to protect your investment. This is a free standing fountain that stands 70" tall. There three panels to choose from mirror, marble, and slate. Customize this beautiful water fountain to fit your décor perfectly.

Harmony River Floor Fountain- Centered-mounted
The Harmony River Floor Fountain includes a tinted glass center panel that is perfectly suited for use in your home or office. The transparent panel allows for visibility from all angles and the pebble beach splash guard ensures your never victim to unwanted spillage. This unit is easy to install and includes a 12-month manufacturers warranty.

Aqua Fall Wave Floor Fountain
The AquaFalls Wave Floor Fountain stands a commanding 7-feet tall and is constructed from a durable acrylic material that will not rust. The modern design of this water feature makes it well suited for use in your home or office settings. The water flow and lighting is fully adjustable giving you more control over your fountain and your overall relaxation.