Tiered Outdoor Fountains

If you are looking for a classic piece or art that is as timeless as it is elegant, tiered outdoor fountains may be exactly what your space needs. These are the type of water elements that you could see creating focal points in magnificent gardens at palaces and castles many years ago. Today they are available in a variety of styles and sizes, so you don't need to have acres of lush vegetation to showcase one.


As the name implies this style is made up of two or more tiers that typically begin small at the top and increase in size as you move toward the bottom. The great thing about them is the cascading water can typically be viewed and appreciated from any angle. Some have only two simple tiers while others have several for a more elaborate display. The water begins its journey at the top and carelessly falls from one tier to the next until it is pumped back to the top again. There are some that also have a large pool at the bottom.

We also carry nontraditional tiered varieties here at Soothing Walls. If you look at our Flowing Bowl Fountain, you will appreciate this nontraditional style. The four tiers are made up of randomly positioned bowls so the water falls from bowl to bowl. Although not quite as classic, these varieties are still timeless.


Q: How will my Tiered Fountain ship?

A: All of our large tier fountains ship via LTL Freight. The Freight company will contact you once it is in your area to set up an appointment for delivery. Prior to delivery you will receive instructions on how to inspect your fountain when it is delivered.

Q: What fountain will make the most water flowing noise?

A: The more tiers and places for water to flow from on a fountain the more water flow you will hear. Also, the sound will be louder if the water level is lower. Always make sure you have enough water in the fountain so your pump does not run dry and break.

Q: What do I do if my Tiered Fountain arrives cracked or chipped?

A: When your fountain is delivered you will want to inspect your fountain immediately while the driver is still there. Please contact customer service immediately and you will want to notate any damage on the bill of lading before signing and accepting the shipment.

Q: What is the best way to select a color for my Tiered Fountain?

A: We recommend contacting customer service to help select a color. We can send physical color samples to you and e mail you several other options.

Q: Will I need winterize my fountain when the weather starts to get cold?

A: Yes, it is recommended that you winterize your fountain. Every fountain should include detailed instructions on how your fountain should be winterized.

Choosing the Right One

Since these water features do offer such a classic appeal they can easily be complemented by others of the same style, or those that are completely different. They do not fall under a specific theme so you can place one near an Asian, angel, animal, or any other type of fountain without worrying that they will create a conflicting presence. You can also choose to decorate your landscaping solely with tiered pieces.

If you have a massive front yard, consider creating a focal point with one of our large pieces. Our Grande Barrington Outdoor Fountain with Toscana Pool is sure to capture a lot of attention. You could even create an artistic display with planted shrubs and flowers behind and beside it.

Then, you could purchase one of our smaller styles for your garden of wildflowers in the backyard. The combination of shallow tiers and flowing water will invite birds, butterflies, and other pollinators to come and drink. The presence of one will do wonderful things for your garden!

Top Selling Tiered Outdoor Fountains

Cavalli with Fiore Pond- The Cavalli Fountain with Fiore Pond (86"H x 99½"W) is a stunning outdoor water feature that will make a grand statement in both public and private spaces alike. The beautiful details on this fountain will impress all that see it.  Add the relaxing sound of water and you have the perfect feature to enhance your space.

Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin- The Caterina Outdoor Water Fountain in Basin (55" H x 82" W) is a sophisticated fountain that will make a great focal point.  It is classic in design and made in the USA with durable, high quality materials. It brings just the right amount of tranquility and peace to any courtyard or garden.

Extra Large Vesuvio Fountain with Lion Pedestals- The Extra Large Vesuvio with Lion Pedestals (103"H x 60"W) is an attractive centerpiece that stands at an impressive height of over 8’. It is handmade in the United States by skilled artisans. The details in this majestic fountain are stunning and will make quite the statement.

Four Tier Renaissance Fountain- The Four Tier Renaissance Fountain (99"H x 54"D) boasts an intricate and ornate design. A perfect mix of beauty and tranquility for any outdoor space. Watching the water spill from tier to tier is enchanting.  The soothing sound of water will bring serenity to wherever this water feature is placed. Choose from over 20 different colors!

Parisienne Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain- The Parisienne Two Tier Outdoor Water Fountain (64"h X 83"w) is a breathtaking showpiece for your circular driveway, garden, courtyard or public space.  Water flows out of the finial into the top bowl, from the top bowl to the bottom bowl, then water comes out of the six lion’s mouths and falls into the bottom basin. It brings relaxation from both sight and from sound.