Tabletop Fountains

Do you want a fountain for a bedroom, balcony or deck? If your space is small, consider a tabletop fountain. These petite water features are perfect for intimate settings where a large fountain could overwhelm your senses.If you’ve never owned a fountain, a tabletop water feature is the ideal way to get started. You might even enjoy collecting more than one fountain since they’re so affordable. Place one indoors and one outdoors. Try different styles on for size. We carry a wide selection of attractive models.



Q. Can tabletop fountains be used outdoors?

A. Some fountains are for indoor use only. Others can be used both indoors and outdoors. Solar-powered fountains, of which we have a few, are for outdoor use only. Please check individual product descriptions for more details. Please contact us if you have a question about a specific fountain.

Q: Do tabletop fountains require assembly?

A: Assembly is minimal and can be completed in minutes. No special tools are required to set up a small fountain. Simply follow the included instructions.

Q. Do you have fountains that run on batteries?

A. Our fountains use electricity to run the pumps. We do not offer fountains powered by battery.

Q. Will my pets get sick if they drink from a fountain?

A. Water from fountains will not harm a pet so long as the water is fresh and chemical free. If you have a pet, don’t put additives in the water. You may need to clean or replenish the water in your fountain more often if you have pets that use the fountain.

Q. Will an indoor fountain harm my wood table?

A. Fountains are self-contained and watertight. However, accidents may occur. People or pets may splash the water. When placing your fountain, consider that water could splash. Don’t place the fountain on a table that could be damaged by water.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A fountain adds moisture to dry air. Unlike a humidifier, however, a fountain adds just a little bit of water to the atmosphere. Your skin and nose will feel better when you use an indoor fountain, but your home will not be damaged from too much humidity. Fountains can also make air seem fresher and stale odors less noticeable

Music to Your Ears

Is your office too quiet? A fountain adds white noise to a professional setting. Music is not appropriate for every environment, but many people prefer to hear more than the sound of silence. Do you live on a busy street? A fountain on a balcony, deck or patio makes your space more pleasant, providing a distraction from the noise of traffic.

Not Just for Tables

You can place a tabletop fountain on a shelf, counter, step or floor. As long as you have a nearby electrical outlet, anywhere that’s out of the way of foot traffic can be ideal for a fountain.

Handcrafted Fountains for Every Style

Our fountains come in a selection of high-quality materials such as slate, stone, stainless steel, copper and ceramic. Some include lighting and decorative stone. We select each fountain based on quality and design. We even offer custom fountains. Some of our fountains are made to order and can include a logo.