Slate Wall Fountains

Slate wall fountains are one of the few pieces of art that are not only great to look at but make a very soothing sound as well.  Certainly, there are lots of wonderful indoor water features that you can add to your living space that will provide a beautifully serene setting that you and your whole family can and will enjoy. However, there is something really special about slate water fountains that can completely chance the feeling of the room. Perhaps it is time that you looked into some of the great Large Wall Fountains made with slate in order to get your décor looking the way you want it.


Q: What should I use to clean my Slate Wall Fountain?

A: We recommend adding a fountain cleaner such as Protec to the water to help keep your fountain clean. Also, using distilled water can assist in keeping your fountain clean. All fountains come with detailed instructions for deep cleaning.

Q: Will I need a water line to keep my Slate Water Wall filled?

A: No, you do not need a water line. All of our fountains are self-contained. If you would like to add auto fill and drain to your fountain it is possible on some of our larger fountains. Please contact customer service for more details.

Q: Do need a special outlet to plug my slate water fountain into?

A: No you do not need a special outlet. Any standard plugin will work.

Q: Can I put an electrical outlet hidden behind my Wall Fountain so the cord won't be seen?

A: On most fountains you can put the outlet right behind the fountain but all fountains are different. We recommend calling our customer service for detailed instructions for your fountain.

Q: Will a slate fountain be too heavy for my wall?

A: All Slate Water Fountains are safe for any wall with wood studs. Each Wall fountain includes the necessary hardware. If you are installing your fountain on tile, stone or a wall with metal studs you will need to purchase the appropriate screws and anchors from a hardware store.

Q: What can I do if my light bulbs burn out?

A: You can purchase replacement bulbs from Soothing Walls or anywhere lightbulbs are sold.

One of the amazing things about slate water walls is the simple fact that there happens to be such a wonderful variety to choose from. Not only are there a number of designs that are available, but you also have great options in terms of colors, styles and of course sized and shapes. With so many interesting options available to you, you may actually end up finding yourself looking into slate wall water fountains to be added to more than one room within your home. As a matter of fact, there are a number of lovers of water walls that will put slate Water Fountains in their garden setting as well as on the interior of their home.

When you look for slate wall water features to place in your garden or patio area, you are going to see that they are quite easy to match up with the space. If you think about it, slate comes with its own natural look and feel. So, when you add Water Features to your outdoor setting, you are going to be able to magnify the natural beauty of the space. The calm atmosphere of your outdoor space will rise to a whole new level of comfort, providing you with a place that you can go in order to relax and was away all of the stresses of your day to day life.

For the business owner, you would be amazed at the attention you will get from all of your customers and colleagues when you choose to look into slate fountains to boost your décor. Whether you are looking for a stunning water feature to place in your lobby, in a busy hallway or even in your conference room, they can make a bold statement that everyone can enjoy. You already know that it is important that you put forth a professional look and feel for your business. Slate water features like the Reflection Creek Slate Wall Fountain will help you to achieve the stylish look that you desire without having to go through any sort of major renovations in the process. You can even choose from water fountainss that will match your current décor by mixing and matching colors and other materials for a complete look.