Modern Outdoor Fountains

Modern outdoor fountains offer an array of garden fountain designs. They tend to favor elegant design over simplicity, though you will still see the core ideas behind single and multi-tier fountains in play. People gravitate towards these fountains because they stand out from standard garden fountains. Many emulate famous pieces of art or feature interesting designs that highlight the owner’s personality. As you can see from these selections, the “modern” tagline applies to many types of garden fountains.


All of these outdoor fountains offer something to those who have a flair for the dramatic. This makes them ideal for those who want to move away from the standard garden fountain design and towards something a little more eye-catching. This style does not come at the expense of functionality. These fountains all work as you would expect a fountain to work. They just come with a little extra exterior design. This makes them a great choice for those who want a centerpiece for the garden.

Your Choice of Modern Outdoor Fountains

As you can see, there are several types of modern fountain available. Beyond different sizes and tier options, you have access to an array of different designs and modern features. The Cannonade Solar Floor Fountain is an excellent example. Powered by solar energy, this fountain recharges itself during the course of the day and has a maximum operating time of three hours. You don’t need to worry about any complicated wiring as the fountain is completely self-contained.

If you love attracting wildlife to your garden there are few better choices than the bird fountains that are part of the modern outdoor fountains range. The circular tip of the fountain offers plenty of space for birds to perch and give themselves a little wash. Each of these fountains also comes with a strong base to ensure it stays stable if a lot of birds start using it.

Of course, we cannot ignore the impressive style of some of the fountains in this selection. The tiered fountains lend your garden an extra elegance and are sure to leave any visitors awestruck at their magnificence. The Ball and Bowl design has also proven quite popular and several of these fountains make use of it to great effect. Those looking for something a little different can look towards the unique designs of the Cascading Hosta Leaf and Disappearing Leaf Sculpture Fountains. Each blends well into the garden while offering plenty for those who want to look at the fountain in more detail.

Each of these fountains will help you make your garden unique.

Top Modern Outdoor Fountains

Large I Outdoor Fountain- The Large I Outdoor Fountain (84"H x 43"W x 43"D) has a simple yet sophisticated design and will be the perfect centerpiece to any outdoor spot.  It is made with fiberglass reinforced concrete that is more durable than traditional cast stone fountains.

Ball and Wok- The Ball and Wok Outdoor Fountain (34"H x 48"W x 48"D) is a sleek and modern fountain. It brings the soothing sounds of water to your space creating a tranquil oasis for you to rest and relax in.

Buddha Head Outdoor Water Fountain-Large- The beautiful Buddha Head Outdoor Water Fountain (38"H x 75"W x 29"D) is sure to be the focal point of your yard.  The details on this water feature are stunning.  It is handcrafted in the United States by skilled artisans.

Double Oblique with Ball Garden Fountain- The Double Oblique with Ball (64"H x 43"W x 43"D) is a popular abstract fountain.  It combines unique geometric shapes with the peaceful flow of water. It is an impressive water feature that will “wow” all that see it.

Vertical Canyon Outdoor Fountain- The Vertical Canyon Outdoor Wall Fountain (63"H x 36"W x 24"D) is a creative piece of art.  Water flows from the top of the columns and makes its way down the curves and into the basin at the bottom. Your space will provide just the calming tranquility you need.


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