Mirror Wall Fountains

Making a decision on the indoor water feature to add to your home is much easier when you see some of the many mirror wall hanging collection that are available for you to choose from. Certainly, there are always wall water features that you can shop through in a wide variety of materials and color choices. However, there is nothing quite as exquisite as the look that mirror waterfalls, like the Whispering Creek Mirror Fountain, can provide. All you have to do is find the room within your home or office space where you would like to present such a stunning focal point.


Q: How will I know when to refill the water in my mirror wall fountain?

A: Both heat and humidity can determine how often you'll have to add water to the water feature, as well as how often the fountain is running. For the first couple of weeks you'll want to check the fountain each day, as the pump must always be submerged. Once you have a clear idea of how quickly the water is being depleted you'll know how often to schedule a refill. On average the mirror fountains must be filled every three days.

Q: Do I need to have a special outlet installed to run the wall water feature?

A: No, a standard outlet is all that's required.

Q: Do I need a special water treatment or cleaning product for a mirror water feature?

A: A mirror prep is recommended for mirrored wall fountains- it will help the water to "cling" to the surface and create better water flow. If you are not having a logo applied then we also recommend a water treatment called Protec. If you are having a logo applied then it's always best to opt for distilled water, as Protec will disintegrate a logo.

Q: How do I clean a mirror water wall ?

A: Contact customer servive to discuss cleaning options because each model is different. Your fountain will come with instructions for maintenance, however the cleaning process is very simple- a matter of wiping the reservoir and mirror clean every few months, or as needed.

Q: Will I have to purchase replacement lights through you?

A: Wall water features have lightbulbs that are found at your local hardware store such as Lowes, Walmart or Home Depot.

Have you ever wanted to capture the light that comes in through a window within your home and harness it in a way that brightens up the entire space? Mirror water features provide an incredible way to distribute natural light while helping to create a calm, wonderful space that you and your entire family can enjoy. If you think about it, the mixture of flowing water and the luminous glow of natural light is a combination that few people are able to enjoy. Wall water features such as these are truly a way to bring your home décor to a classy level with a serene feel all rolled into one.

Are you worried about the style of mirror wall mounted water feature that are available to you? What you should know is that there are virtually limitless amounts of materials and designs that you can choose from when looking for a mirror water feature to hang on your wall. Colors are abundant so you will have no problem at all as you try to match your current color scheme or décor. One incredible example in mirror water walls happens to be Wall Fountains. This beautiful water element is just the thing that you need in order to brighten up your space with the addition of flowing water.

Anyone who suffers from occasional stress will surely benefit from the addition of mirror water wall to their home or office space. The flowing water and the sound of each drop will help to wash all of your stresses away and allow for a calm feeling to fall over you. Worried about the sound of the motor running on your mirror Wall Fountains? Not a problem! The re-circulating electric pumps that come along with these amazing glass water features will allow you to have a quiet atmosphere that will keep the soothing sounds of the indoor water feature in the forefront.