Large Wall Fountains

Does your decor need a focal point? Create an eye-catching centerpiece in your home or office with a large wall-mounted water fountain. We offer a diverse collection of water features. You’ll find pieces that draw on nature, modern aesthetics or classical lines. Whatever your style, we have a fountain to match it.


Q: How can I safely attach a heavy fountain to a wall?

A: Wall fountains come with one or more brackets. Heavy art such as fountains shouldn’t be supported by sheetrock or plaster walls. A fountain will need to be hung on a wall with wood studs. You can use a stud finder to locate supporting beams behind your walls. Although installation is easy, you may want to hire a contractor to help you set up a large water feature.

Q. Do you offer large water wall fountains that are light in weight?

A. Most large fountains are heavy. Our fountains are constructed from durable materials and some weigh several hundred pounds. Fountains made with marble slabs are among the heaviest while models using slate veneer are lighter. Please speak with one of our customer service specialists if you have specific questions about weight.

Q. If I need to replace the pump, will I have to disassemble the fountain?

A. No. Pumps are housed at the base of the fountain inside the reservoir. They are easy to access.

Q. I don’t want to have to refill a large wall fountain frequently. Can I order one with fills automatically?

A. Please call customer service for questions about auto-fill systems.

Q. I can’t install a large water feature by myself. Do you have technicians who can install my fountain?

A. We don’t install fountains. We recommend hiring a professional contractor if you need help hanging a large wall water fountain.

Large-Scale Impact

Large-scale art doesn’t have to be limited to big areas such as a living room, lobby or waiting room. If you have a small space, consider filling one wall with a water feature. A big fountain in a small room creates an overarching ambiance. Imagine a breakfast nook featuring a colorful well-lit feature, or a small meditation room graced with a sleek, minimalist fountain.

The Right Fountain for Your Space

A large wall feature takes up less space than a freestanding floor fountain. If you can’t afford to give up floor space, consider a low profile wall model.

Before choosing a fountain, assess your space. Plan on hanging your fountain in an area that won’t block foot traffic or entryways. Our water features come in both horizontal and vertical orientations, with some that include multiple panels.

Versatile Decor

Water fountains humidify dry air, create pleasant background noise and offer subtle lighting. Many of our fountains are available in a choice of colors, materials and features. Our handcrafted fountains come in slate, marble, metal, glass and acrylic. On some models, we can even engrave a logo.

Water fountains transform a bland space into one alive with sights and sounds. Change the mood of your office or home with a large, show-stopping wall fountain.