Indoor Tabletop Fountains 

The indoor tabletop fountains we have here at Soothing Walls allow you to put the ultimate finishing touch on any space. They may be small in size but they have a supersized impact on the room they occupy. Many are bold enough to easily be used to create a focal point while others will offer a subtle complement to a larger floor or wall fountain.



Q: Do you have any cordless, solar or battery operated table top water fountains?

A: No. All of our table top water fountains are powered by electricity.

Q: Will the water splash on to my counter tops?

A: No, your tabletop fountain should not be splashing. If any splashing does occur please contact our customer service at 1-888-839-3597

Q: How do I clean my table top water feature?

A: All fountains are different and each one will come with instructions on care and maintenance. We recommend using Protec Fountain Cleaner to help maintain your fountain and keep your fountain clean.

Q: Is it safe for my pet to drink from my Table Fountain?

A: Safety will depend on what cleaning products and water cleaner you are using. If you are using bleach in your water it is not recommended safe for animals. We would recommend using a fountain cleaner such as Protec if you think your pets may drink from it.


These are pieces of art that can be placed anywhere. Although an end table or shelving structure in the living room is a popular place to put them, you can always use one as a centerpiece on your dining room table or place one on your kitchen counter next to your growing herbs. A desktop water feature in the bathroom will create a spa atmosphere while one perched on your dresser will help relax your mind so you can enjoy a more restful night sleep. Some people even choose to place these art pieces on the floor, especially surrounded by plants in an awkward corner. Are you trying to turn your apartment balcony into a small tranquil oasis? A tabletop fountain is perfect. You don't have to stop with one either. You can really never have too many water elements in a home. Add one to every room to create a consistent flow of positive energy.

Enjoy the Diversity

Here at Soothing Walls we understand that everyone has different taste, so we have thoughtfully put together a collection of the most diverse water features you will find. If you like the look and sound of water cascading down a surface and splashing into a bed of river rocks then we have several styles for you to choose from. If you prefer the natural sound of a bubbling stream, then check out our Campania Pebble Mini Series Fountain, and other similar options. These durable pieces are crafted from cast stone and available in a multitude of finishes. A few unique finishes you don't typically see on these artistic pieces include English Moss, Pietra Vecchia, and Ferro Rustico.

If you want your desktop water feature to create a little more ambiance we also carry several options with LEDs. You don't want to miss our Buddha collection either. These are ideal for Asian or simplistic spaces, as well as meditation rooms and yoga studios. Some of these are more budget-friendly than you would expect too, such as our Resting Sitting Buddha Tabletop Fountain that is comforting yet affordable. It is also a perfect garden piece as it is practical for indoor and outdoor use.