Indoor Floor Fountains 

There is truly something magical and almost mysterious about floor water features. There are few art pieces that have the ability to make this strong of an impact on a room. Could it be because you don't see them in many homes so they are fresh and exciting? Perhaps it is simply the bold presence they create. One thing is for sure, the indoor floor fountains we carry here at Soothing Walls are captivating enough to completely transform the aesthetics of any room. Do you already have a perfectly decorated space, but you just feel like something is missing? We also have plenty of subtle yet powerful options that will complement any color palette, theme, or décor.



Q: What type of surface can a floor fountain be placed on?

A: All indoor floor fountains can be placed on any sturdy level floor.

Q: Will the indoor floor water fountain splash?

A: All indoor floor fountains are safe for any floor surface. They are made for indoor use and should not splash. If your fountain is splashing please contact customer service at 888-839-3597.

Q: How will my floor water feature ship?

A: How your fountain will ship depends on its size. Smaller floor fountains will ship via standard FedEx. Larger floor fountains will ship via LTL Freight. When a fountain ships via LTL the shipping company will contact you prior to delivery to set up an appointment for the delivery.

Q: How do I clean my floor water fountain?

A: All floor water fountains are different and each one will come with instructions. We recommend using Protec fountain cleaner to help keep your fountain clean.

Q: Can I add a logo to my floor fountain?

A: You can add a logo to most floor fountains. Please contact customer service at 1-888-839-3597 for more information.


The collection we have here is quite diverse. While some choose to sell solely rear or center-mounted varieties, we offer both. A rear-mounted fountain allows you to place it flat against a wall. Not only does this keep it out-of-the-way, it also decorates an awkward wall that you might not know what to do with.

Center-mounted floor water features are perfect for large spaces. They allow you to bring balance to a room without being forced to place a chair or alternate furniture piece in an unusual location. The center-mounted design allows it to be enjoyed from any angle. Our Harmony River Floor Water Fountain is a great example. This is also one that will look great placed on an angle in a corner with a few ferns scattered around that will happily absorb the moisture created by the cascading water.

Choosing the Right One

Most people are not prepared to be faced with so many options when they start to browse our site. If you were not already aware that there are so many styles available, then you could be feeling overwhelmed. The best thing to do is settle on a location first. If you know exactly what wall or corner it will be placed at then you can narrow the selection down a little faster.

Then you need to consider your current décor. You want your water feature to complement the space, not become a distraction. Here at Soothing Walls we carry these pieces in a variety of materials and finishes. Glass is typically a safe choice, especially if you frequently change your color palette, and mirror can add a contemporary feel to a simple space.

For a more natural piece, you will want to browse our beautiful collection made of slate. These offer the look and sound of a real waterfall. Slate is simply a stunning material that can easily create a more earthy and serene environment. Our Curvature Slate Floor Fountain is a very popular pick because the curved lines help to bring balance to a room that may appear or feel heavy due to the overuse of straight lines.

You will find that most of our indoor water features come with polished river rocks for a finishing touch. We also have some that incorporate LEDs or a dancing flame.

Top Selling Indoor Floor Fountains

Harmony River Floor Fountain- Rear Mounted – The Harmony River Floor Fountain- Rear Mounted (70”H x 31”W x 14”D) is a stunning waterfall that adds the perfect amount of elegance to any space. Visitors will be wowed by the beauty and soothing sounds of this piece. It comes in a variety of surface materials including slate, marble and mirror.

6’ Gardenfall Clear Glass and Black Oxide Floor Fountain with LED lights- The 6' Gardenfall Clear Glass and Black Oxide Floor Fountain (72"H x 24"W x 15"D) is a classy addition to any office, lobby or room.  It can be used as a room divider or up against a wall.  The clear glass gives it the appearance of water flowing on both sides.  This water feature will turn your home or office into a calming place to relax.

Grandeur River Floor Fountain- The Grandeur River Floor Fountain (96"H x 60"W x 14"D) is an elegant waterfall that is handmade in the USA with high quality materials. This water fountain makes a grand statement in any room you place it in. It can be customized by adding your logo.

10’ Stainless Grande with Silver Mirror Floor Fountain- The 10’ Stainless Grande with Silver Mirror Floor Fountain (118"H x 48"W x 18"D) stands at a commanding height of 118”.   It is a great focal piece for any space.  The silver mirror and stainless steel frame is sleek and contemporary.  This water feature is sure to bring not only elegance but serenity to your home or office.

7.5’ Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain with LED Lights- The 7.5’ Gardenfall Slate Tech and Dark Copper Floor Fountain (90"H x 32"W x 16"D) creates the soothing sounds of a waterfall that is perfect for creating a stress-free area.  It a classy piece that would be a great addition to any décor.