Garden Outdoor Fountains

Garden outdoor fountains make up one of our most diverse categories here at Soothing Walls. These are beneficial pieces of art that can be placed anywhere. True to the name, they are perfect to place in a garden of any size to make it a bit more magical. However, these pieces are not reserved exclusively for these locations. You can easily place garden water features on your deck, patio, or covered porch, or create a focal point in your front yard.  Typically garden fountains are smaller in nature, if you are looking for large outdoor fountains, Soothing Walls offers a great collection as well.


When placed in your outdoor living space the sound and visual appeal of cascading water will create a soothing environment. You may find yourself using your deck or patio a little more often simply because it is effortless to relax there when you are in the presence of such calming and beautiful art. Plus, it will act as a sound barrier so you might not be so bothered anymore by those noisy neighbors.

When garden outdoor water features are positioned in an actual garden or large flower bed they offer even more benefits. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, they are also very good for the appearance and success of your flowers and plants. On a hot day, the surrounding foliage will greatly appreciate the small amount of water being released into the air as they operate. Nearby flowers and leaves will happily absorb that moisture. Also, you won't have any problem inviting bird, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden. They will want to use this water source to drink and bathe, so clean it regularly and use a fountain treatment product to keep the water cleaner for a longer time. If you do hope that birds flock here frequently, consider one of the more shallow options, such as our Portwenn Fountain. If you do choose a deeper variety, consider placing one or two large rocks gently inside so the birds have a place to perch.


Q: How do the garden fountains ship?

A: The larger fountains ship via LTL Freight. The shipping company will call you to set up an appointment for delivery. You will also receive instructions on how to receive and inspect your fountain upon delivery.

Q: What do I do if my fountain arrives damaged?

A: You will want to inspect your fountain immediately upon delivery while the driver is still there. Please contact customer service immediately and you will want to notate any damage on the bill of lading before signing and accepting the shipment.

Q: Can I receive physical color samples before I select a final color for my fountain?

A: Yes we would be happy to send you physical color samples. Please contact customer service for more information and to place an order.

Q: What will I do with my fountain in the winter?

A: Instructions will be included with your fountain on how to winterize it.


Narrowing down your choices to one will probably be a challenge. Fortunately, you can add as many of these functional art pieces to your landscaping as you would like. If you are shopping for a specific flowerbed or garden, consider the plants that grow there. For shrubs and wildflowers, a taller variety would be ideal. However, you don't want to place a tall style in a bed with ground cover and low growing flowers or it will look misplaced. A style that is lower to the ground would create a more stunning visual display. The Turtle Pond Outdoor Water Fountain is a good example of one that would create the right balance.

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