Cast Stone Fountains

As you browse our selection of water features here at Soothing Walls you will quickly discover that a large percentage of our pieces are crafted of cast stone. This is because not only is it one of the most durable materials available to use outdoors, it is one that can be manipulated into nearly any shape and given an array of finishes. So, whether you are looking for something classic or contemporary, and weathered or polished, you will find plenty of beautiful cast stone water fountains here that will breathe new life into your outdoor living space.


If you are not quite sure what cast stone is, you are certainly not alone. Many people are not familiar with this material yet, while others commonly mistake it for rock, slate, bluestone, limestone, granite, travertine, and many other materials. This is because it can be made to mimic a variety of materials. In fact, you may even already have a water feature, bird bath, or statuary in your yard that is made of cast stone that you assumed was something else. It is suggested that this material dates back to 1138, and might have been used in the creation of some early pyramids. This shows just how durable it really is.

The great thing about these outdoor fountains is that not only are they beautiful they will stand up against hail, wind, bird droppings, and other harsh elements. This offers peace of mind if you constantly have small twigs blowing around your shaded yard when the storm rolls in.


Since cast stone is so versatile, it can be used in the creation of any type of fountain from a classic tiered design to a contemporary piece with geometric shapes. Plus, because the material is so fantastic to work with, it can be used for the most intricately detailed pieces, such as our 2-Tier Cavalli Fountain with 12-foot Bracci Basin. You can't help but be in awe over the unbelievable detail on these magnificent horses.

You may expect our cast stone water feature to be extremely expensive, but we have something for every budget here at Soothing Walls. There are some so large and extravagant that they boast their own pool, but there are also small and affordable options that will add the finishing touch to a flower bed, patio, or apartment balcony. Our Campania Pebble Mini Series Fountain is a good example of a versatile piece that can be placed nearly anywhere.

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