Asian Outdoor Fountains

The popularity of Asian outdoor fountains has exploded in recent years. It used to be that you needed a meditation area or simplistic space to welcome one of these varieties, but this is no longer the case. They can be placed in a wide variety of environments, and they will create a peaceful yet powerful focal point.


Asian countries appreciated the benefits of water elements long before western civilization fell in love with the beauty of them. In fact, it is estimated that the flow of moving water was incorporated into meditation practices thousands of years ago. Perhaps this is why these types of water features immediately bring such tranquillity to any space they occupy.

Subtle Styling

Not all outdoor Asian fountains feature the hallmark styling you may be expecting. Some are so simple that you may not realize that they fall into the Asian category, but when you place them on your deck or in the garden and see firsthand how they change the feel of the space you will understand. A great example is our Zen Fountain. There is no use of iconic figures or symbols yet it manages to offer an Asian appeal. Water flows from a stainless steel spout to a fiberglass resin bowl that looks like natural stone. It will create a subtle yet eye-catching focal point, especially at night when the underwater LED light glows.

Buddha Creates a Powerful Presence

You do not have to be a Buddhist to appreciate the beauty of the water features we have here at Soothing Walls that showcase Buddha. There will be no doubt that you are trying to create an Asian theme with one of these artistic pieces present. We offer a large variety, so whether you are looking for one with only his head or if you prefer a full body one with him in his iconic meditative state, you are sure to be drawn to one here. If you like the use of figures, but don't necessarily want Buddha we also have one that features geisha girl as well.

Iconic Symbols

There are certain Asian symbols that you may find will complement your space beautifully. Lanterns, bamboo, and lotus flowers are three popular ones that come to mind. The 3-Tier Lotus Fountain we have here at Soothing Walls will attract a lot of attention without looking as though you have over-decorated. It is simple yet bold, and extremely symbolic. This sacred flower is an ancient polyvalent symbol associated with the Asian culture. It revers with specific gods and represents divine beauty and purity. It represents a new awakening to the spiritual realm, and you just can't help but be inspired in the presence of this stunning water feature.