Animal Outdoor Fountains

Animal outdoor fountains help you bring a whole lot of character to your deck, patio, or garden without even trying. As you browse our selection here at Soothing Walls you will discover that we carry these charismatic pieces in nearly every size, style, and finish imaginable. So, whether you are looking for a tiered one to create a classic and elegant appeal or a simple yet charming one that will make your space a little more fun, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for here


When many people think of animal water features, they immediately picture lions. This is because the king of the jungle was often showcased as statuary and included in some of the world's most popular water elements. Due to such an explosion in popularity and large demand, manufacturers now create these beneficial pieces of art with a vast array of animals. Just a few of the animals you will find here include butterflies, frogs, swans, turtles, dragonflies, dolphins, ducks, sea horses, koi fish, bears, birds, otters, and elephants.

Classic Tiered Designs

If you are drawn to the tiered animal water features we have here, you are not alone. There is just something about the beauty of water cascading from one tier to the next that is hard to beat. These pieces of art are considered timeless, so even if you change the theme of your outdoor living space, or paint your front door a different color, it will not look out of place. You will also find that many of these pieces are of significant size so they can be used as a dynamic focal point in a spacious front yard. Just imagine the look on the face of your guests as they make their way down your driveway to come face to face with our Plumbed Large Lion Fountain.

Mysterious Wall Styles

Water walls always add an element of surprise to a home because at first glance it appears as though the water is flowing from your house. These are perfect to mount in an entryway to your front door or on the exterior wall of your house that touches the deck or patio. Not all need mounting though, some sit on the floor and rest up against the wall.

Versatile Options

Here at Soothing Walls, we also have animal water features that can be placed virtually anywhere. Some have a simple shallow basin, making them perfect to double as a bird bath. You will also find some that are actually in the shape of the animal. Our Swan Fountain with LED Light is a great example. The water simply flows from the bird's mouth. A versatile piece like this would look as charming on your covered porch as it would a deck or garden.

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