As a professional business owner you should never overlook the importance of creating a relaxing environment in your waiting room.  Waiting rooms are no fun for anyone and in most cases, they are rooms filled with agitated individuals who are already late for their next appointment of the day.  Its this stress and edginess that can transfer over into how your clients deal with your business and you are sure to get a better response from clients as they leave your waiting room in a state of peaceful Zen versus flustered anger.

While it may be impossible to completely eliminate the anxiety of your clients as they patiently await your service, there are few simple steps you can take to subconsciously help your customers to lower their guard and enter a state of peaceful bliss prior to your dealings with them.  

Grandeur River Floor Fountain with Logo

Waiting Room - First Impressions

Your waiting room is the first thing any of your potential customers see, so it is of the utmost importance that your waiting room is always kept clean and organized.  This is the all-important first impression and a shabby waiting room can be the cause of much frustration as your cluttered environment translates over to cluttered thoughts in your clients.  This is not great for business by any means and all steps must be taken to keep your waiting area extraordinarily clean.

No matter what type of business you own, your waiting room is important to how your customers visualize your level of professionalism.  Below are 3 easy ways to take that hum drum waiting area and make it a peaceful relaxation zone.

Add Greenery

Plants are great for relaxation and within minutes of seeing greenery the human mind starts to naturally relax.   Adding some live plants to your waiting room can be a good way to bring some life into an otherwise boring situation.

Be sure to use real plants as fake plants do not have the same psychological effect. Ironically, fake plants have the opposite effect and can make your clients get more flustered as they wait in your fake paradise.  Real plants have an aura that projects itself into the room and can help to calm nervous jitters before they get out of control.  This is why psychiatrists often recommend gardening to people who suffer from anger management issues.

Keep you plants maintained with no visible dead leaves.  Dead leaves can trigger anxiety in many individuals and a waiting room full of unmaintained greenery can attract pests.

Black Holes Abstract Galaxy Fountain


Choose some catchy artwork for your waiting room.  If it is possible, try to find thought inspiring pieces that will make your clients drift off as they ponder on the art piece.  Avoid advertisements as this will automatically raise boundaries subconsciously in your clients.  

Original pieces are great conversation starters and by choosing a local artist you also establish yourself as a contributing factor within the community.  Local artist can do wonders for referrals as they are usually posting on Facebook about their new clients and where people can check out their work.  

Adding an informative plaque to the side of your newly acquired artwork can be another great way to stir interest in the piece. Classic knockoffs can give your waiting room a feel of elegance but avoid the types of paintings usually seen in hotels. Be sure to choose a piece that accents your greenery and you are guaranteed to win.

Water Fountain

A water feature can make for the perfect centerpiece for your waiting room.  The soothing sounds of running water can help to alleviate stress in minutes and companies offer a plethora of water fountain designs to fit your exact needs.  Greenery and fountains can go together to create a cool and relaxing vibe in your waiting room.    

Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Logo

Customization options exist on the market today that allow you to put your company logo in the water fountain's design. The Calming Waters Wall Fountain with Logo is a perfect example. At 54" in width and 36" in height, this wall fountain comes in various surface materials giving your fountain a more unique look. This level of customization will automatically establish your business as a successful entity in the minds of your clients.

Get the Most from Your Waiting Room

Follow these 3 steps and you are sure to get better results from your clients as they are now entering your workspace in a state of tranquility. Depending on your business model you may have extended waiting periods for your customers and taking the time to transform your waiting room can be a great low-cost high yield investment.