Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eight Characters We Can Expect in the 'Justice League' movie

When Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot stepped out on the stage of Hall H at Comic Con this weekend, their wordless appearance signaled more than a brief cameo by the stars of the upcoming ‘Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice’.  Warner Brothers’ studio is banking a lot on the success of the upcoming film, which they’ve already announced will provide a lead in to a subsequent ‘Justice League’ movie.  But while the formula of establishing a shared cinematic universe is one clearly inspired by the recent success of the Marvel Studios films, 'Justice League' could provide an opportunity for Warner Brothers’ parent company, Time Warner, to draw on the full range of their intellectual property holdings.  This is one universe that could truly have no limits, so here are The Over Picture's predictions for what characters to expect when ‘Justice League’ eventually hits screens.

1. Shazam

With the recent announcement of the Rock’s casting as the mystical hero, there’s a big likelihood we’ll be seeing the big red cheese show up in more than just a solo film.  The inclusion of this mystically powered character could be just the ingredient the ‘Justice League’ needs to go from ‘super’ to ‘duper’.

Odds: 2 to 1. They may not be able to call him Captain Marvel anymore, but that won’t stop Warner Brothers from making this character a big part of their shared universe.