Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fight Developing Over UCSF's Mt. Sutro Forestry Plan

Mt Sutro, as seen from Golden Gate Park

UCSF currently owns and maintains 61 acres of undeveloped forest land on Mt. Sutro.  An easily accessible natural area located within the heart of San Francisco, Mt. Sutro is home to numerous hiking trails and a unique cloud forest micro climate.   However, according to an item posted yesterday by, UCSF's most recent forestry plan involves removal of up to 30,000 of the site's existing trees and underbrush, constituting a 90% plan life removal.  This plan includes the use of pesticides, as well as intensive use of tarping to prevent regrowth, and could begin as early as fall of this year.

Given the scope of this project, and the sites biological significance, it is easy to have an immediate, almost gut level response to the news.  However, before reaching any conclusion as to the projects long term consequences, it is important to more closely examine its many aspects.  How does UCSF respond to the allegations made by the opposition campaign   What are the long term effects of the use of pesticides, specifically Garlon?  What are the plans of those opposed to the project in terms of communal resistance?

Hopefully, over the next few months a more clear picture of this issue will evolve.  In the meantime, it is important to know what UCSF's plans are, and how those plans are viewed by various opposition parties.      


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