Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eminence, MO

Here is my poem, Eminence, MO, as it appears in the upcoming issue of The Lamplighter Review:

Eminence MO, October
Outside the ranch, it's raining on the herd.
Forest noises crack and break and no one knows the hooves that form them.
In the morning we’ll find tracks approaching the trailer.
Then turning back the way they came.
As if bored with us.
As if saying, “You remain here because we let you.”
Outside the ranch, a blue school bus with Kansas plates dies rusty in a gravel lot.
The final mosquitoes of the year try to suck blood out of a discarded leather couch.
Outside the ranch there are ruins of old cabins.
The cigarette butt leftovers of broken meth labs.
The exoskeletons of falling swing sets, pushed forgotten to the back of the yard.
Goats stand alert in the pastures.Waiting for something.
A horse sticks its head between the fence rails.
Aware of that same signal.
There’s a Missouri winter coming and there’s no stopping it.

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